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Our Company

North Shore Private Asset Management is a full-service money management firm, serving wealthy individuals and families as well as select institutions since 2004.  The firm originated as a multi-family office for a select group of clients residing on Chicago's "North Shore".  The firm's founder, Dave Melsheimer continues to serve this key market segment as President & Chief Investment Officer.

Our Commitment

North Shore has three senior investment professionals who manage our client's portfolios.  Mark F. Saran is an Executive Vice President with the firm.  After seven years with Raymond James, Mr. Saran merged his investment advisory practice with North Shore.  Mark offers a wealth of experience and expertise from his many years as a trusted financial advisor.  As well, William N. Gregg serves as Senior Managing Director of fixed-income.  Bill possesses significant portfolio management experience and acts as head of our fixed-income management services.  Having known each other for many years, our three senior advisors provide a strong investment team for our clientele.  Together, they possess over ninety years of investment experience.

Our Services

Through our unique blend of services, North Shore is able to offer a full range of seamless investment products, such as:

  • Custom Portfolio Management
  • Asset Allocation Accounts
  • Institutional Asset Management
  • Financial Planning

Our services are provided on a flat fee basis, rather than commissions or transactions.  This allows our investment advisors to focus on your unique set of goals and circumstances.  The firm's "boutique" structure gives us the flexibility to tailor investment solutions to your particular needs, and the agility to make changes to adapt to changing conditions, both of which provide a competitive advantage over other investment managers.

We look forward to using our resources and experience to assist clients here in the Chicago-area and across the United States.  The firm has been located in Lake Forest, Illinois since its founding.